IDT and UCD VMCS have teamed up to now offer you more of IDT's product lines. Below is a list of products that you can order through this portal. For primers and other custom DNA oligos, continue to utilize: VMCS Custom Oligo Ordering (click on the link to the left to re-direct to that site)

Please setup a new account and place your orders through this portal at:

Use the web portal site to purchase the following with your recharge account. We will recieve it and ship to your lab with your other supplies:

  • qPCR Assays and Probes
  • Genotyping LNA Probes
  • Custom Gene Synthesis
  • gBlocks (<500bp gene fragments, sequence verified)
  • DsiRNA Gene Knockdown
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Adapters
  • NGS Target Enrichment
  • NGS Blocking Oligos
  • miRNA discovery and detection
  • Antisense Oligos
  • Reagents
  • GMP Oligos
  • Functional Genomics